ESOS branches from GitHub:

"1.x.x" -> The current stable release branch of ESOS; you'll see versions like "1.0.0", "1.0.1", etc. in this directory. Only minor new features and bug fixes. The package file names all reflect a Git tag name (version), and will be a default build of ESOS with no additional build options set.

"master" -> The development branch of ESOS... bleeding edge, new features, latest and greatest. Should be considered unstable; we'll create branch(es) from here that become supported stable branches of the software. Package files in this directory will have the following naming convention: "" The value BRANCH will be the name of the branch, "master" in this case; the HASH value is the Git commit hash (short); and OPTS is the letter designation of any build options set (see below).

"0.1.x" -> This is a deprecated branch of ESOS; no bug fixes will be issued for this branch, please consider upgrading to the current release branch of ESOS.

An explanation of the "dgvs" suffix on the ESOS builds in the "master" directory: These are the build options that this package was built with. We build the packages from the "master" branch with different options to aid in debugging/testing. Here is a key for all build options:

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